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We invite you to support them too by considering contributing, if you are able,  towards Clive’s income or to the work being done in bringing the community to faith and supporting those in need.  (Bank account details are on the church web page.)

Twenty years ago Pastor Clive McMinn and his wife, Glenda, felt called to start a church in Delft.  The result was Bettaway which began in a small house tucked into a cul-de-sac in South Delft.

Over the years they bought up adjoining houses and have ended up with a beautiful church building.  They now have the space for a growing congregation, and the space to offer a wide range of ministries and activities for children and for adults.  When the church began they mostly ministered amongst the children, but it is very pleasing to see over recent years the growing number of adults attending church.   The new church is almost too small!

Clive has close links to CCK.  He attended Sunday School at CCK and his family is well known to many of the older generation.   There is a team of faithful ladies and sometimes gentlemen, who go out every week to work alongside the Bettaway Homework Club.  The difference is that this team are trained to assist the children who need that one-on-one help or attention to get them reading and coping with their school work.  In addition, the CCK Feeding the Hungry ministry provide sandwiches for the children attending the Homework Club.  Any leftovers do not go to waste! During Covid19 lockdown, the homework club was put on hold for a while. It is now functioning again and CCK volunteers will probably start supporting them again in 2021. Instead of providing sandwiches during lockdown, CCK provided money towards food parcels and vouchers given out by Bettaway.

Delft is a poverty stricken area so, as expected, Bettaway is almost totally dependent on donations to enable them to continue the wonderful and inspirational work done in that community. 

CCK supports Bettaway through the ST(social transformation) budget as we love and respect the way Bettaway spreads the Gospel, how they run their church, as well as the many ways they reach out to their community.    As Covid19 taught resourced suburbs to care for their own in need plus a poverty stricken area through CAN, so CCK, a resourced church, looks after its own and reaches out to an under-resourced church. 

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