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CCK and Kenilworth Community Action Network (KCAN) partnership quickly sprang into action in response to the COVID and the resultant growing hunger in Kenilworth.  We started delivering food parcels during Level 2 Lockdown to food vulnerable families living in the suburb, and will continue to do so through to the end of the year (perhaps longer as God inspires and guides us!).

So many from our church and local community have played a part in this partnership.  We’ve received incredibly generous food and monetary donations. The Broster’s, Sue Cooke and Louise le Roux have faithfully packed up the parcels Wednesday mornings (Sue says it’s her weekly gym session!).  Our delivery teams have spent Saturday mornings whizzing through Kenilworth dropping off the parcels. 

Below are snippets from some of our team.

Tania Hass (Tania has been responsible for all our logistics):  It’s been such a pleasure to meet the kind, interesting people who are part of the team and a pleasure to be doing something for others in this very weird time.

Alison Bourne:  In a desperate, and strange time, feeling the heart and passion of those in the KCAN and our church for those who have been affected, has been deeply moving, and a sign of hope for me.  I’ve been grateful for many things but mostly I am grateful for the privilege of meeting the resilient, courageous and wonderful people who live in our suburb.

Penny Barnard:  Saturday mornings have become the high-light of my week for two reasons.

Firstly, the team organising this has worked together in such a way that our pooled skills, shared responsibility, and common goal has been a source of encouragement and energy to keep going in the time of Covid.  Secondly, and most importantly, I have often had very meaningful conversations with the people we deliver to. I have witnessed sadness, joy, heartbreak and resilience during these interactions. Sometimes I think about and pray for a person I have met while delivering through the next few weeks. Only God knows how those prayers are answered, but being a very small part of this has indeed been a gift.

Manya van Ryneveld:  I never thought a community project of this nature would be possible in Kenilworth, nor expected how intense the need for food support would be. We thank all the Kenilworth residents who have made donations, dropped food in the Woolworths trollies or given up their time to help pack and deliver. Our hope is that this spirit of community will continue even after lockdown.

Manda Traylor: I have received such joy from these Saturday mornings. I have connected with people from CAN and CCK and been exposed to other people’s lives. The families that we deliver parcels to are joyous and wonderful. At the end of our delivery time on a Saturday, I am in awe of the human spirit.

Kathryn Muller: I do believe that as a nation we need to stand together and help those in need always and I am proud to be part of such a wonderful community.

Chloe Marx: In these unsettling times, when efforts to help can feel futile in the face of so much adversity and uncertainty, this project has helped ground me and kept me feeling hopeful. 

Di Hewitson: Partnering with remarkable people in Kenilworth has been so encouraging.

Thank you, Lord, for this opportunity and for your provision! 

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