CCK Refugee Ministry

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In keeping with the wonderful Biblical tradition of showing love to the alien (read ‘foreign national/refugee/immigrant’), it is the vision of Christ church that refugees feel warmly welcomed and embraced into a community of strong hospitality and relationships. 

How do we see this in action?

  • The welcoming of refugees as members at every New Member Sunday
  • The invitation for refugees to be integrated into every aspect of the life of the church, such as the worship team, the welcoming team and the intercessory prayer team
  • Special focus Sundays, especially around World Refugee Day, when the theme of the service focusses on the gifts and needs of this community among us. 
  • English lessons – although these are no longer happening, we continue to reap the benefits of good relationships that were established on these Monday mornings
  • Practical assistance with accommodation, financial support, documentation advice and support.  We’re particularly grateful for the donations made to our Refugee Fund.  These funds have enabled us to support members during the difficult days of Covid lockdowns.
  • Pastoral support – we thank the Lord for Isidore Ndayisaba, who regularly leads a prayer meeting for this group after the 10am service.  Isidore plays a key role in pastoral support to these members of our church
  • Food and friendship – two key ingredients are very much at the heart of our relationships with members from this community.  Cedric and Benigne made hundreds of ‘baignets’ for us to enjoy over tea one Sunday!
  • Where possible, we try to help with work opportunities.  One example of this has been the KC Car Wash initiative by Mike and Yvonne Kane.  The following link to thisLife magazine tells the story! :
  • This is not a one way ministry – our lives are all touched, challenged and enriched by the spiritual gifts of friendship, hospitality and faith that this community brings to CCK.

….you shall love the alien as yourself…’ (Leviticus 19:34)

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