John Atkinson, a member and former associate rector of CCK, heads up CMJ in South Africa and internationally

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What is CMJ South Africa?

We are a ministry that seeks to bridge the divide between the Jewish community and the good news of Jesus the Messiah. This is a ministry that has been active since its founding in London in the year 1809. CMJ stands for the Church’s Ministry Among The Jewish People. Today, CMJ comprises an international “family” of CMJ branches around the world. These branches are located in the UK, Israel, Ireland, USA, Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong and Australia-New Zealand. Our mission statement is “Investing in the Spiritual rebirth of the Jewish People”.

We realise this by the “three E’s”; Evangelism, Education and Encouragement.

Evangelism remains our number one priority. CMJ is committed to evangelism that is sensitive and well informed. This means that we are sensitive to the complexities of the history of Christian and Jewish relations. We strive to be well informed about the different expressions of Judaism and the things the various Jewish communities hold dear.

Education is also a priority and will remain so as long as the Christian community needs assistance with discovering the Jewish Roots of their faith and the centrality of Jewish mission. Education is one of the powerful tools we possess in the struggle against antiSemitism which blights Gentile society. Encouragement refers to the role that CMJ plays in the pastoral care and discipleship of Jewish followers of Jesus. Often this is done through the established Messianic congregations though not exclusively. The supportive role that CMJ has played, and will continue to play in the future, is an essential part of our response to the great commission. 

The Good news is not locked down! During the pandemic we are discovering new ways of ministry. We continue to have one-to-one contacts who are interested in knowing more about the claims of Jesus the Jewish Messiah. One of the most surprising aspects of this time has been the number of Jewish people who have approached us with questions and wanting to explore a relationship with God.

The CMJ SA Family is growing. Peter Houston, former youth pastor at CCK, joins our ministry team in 2021 and will take over the leadership in 2022.

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