Feeding the Hungry

If you would like to know more or offer some help, contact Jean Swan:

Many members of the CCK congregation look back with fond memories to the days of handing out sandwiches and very sweet rooibos tea to men on the side of the road, Monday to Friday, in Ottery.   It was a sad, but necessary, day when this chapter of Feeding the Hungry was closed.

However Feeding the Hungry as a CCK ministry was not closed!  We continued to provide sandwiches for those in need.   The decision was taken to give to children attending homework clubs at Bettaway Community Church in Delft and The Children’s Library in Jim se Bos, Phillippi.  Both these organisations have close links to CCK and both are in impoverished areas.  Any leftovers from the day are much needed in other areas of ministry!  

More recently, we started supporting Voortrekker High School, down the road from CCK, with their “Sandwich Project”.  The teachers identified 20-30 children who were underperforming due to lack of food.  They began to bring sandwiches, and parents joined in with donations.  What is so special here is that a group of children of differing grades have formed a team and have taken over responsibility for running the project.  Children serving children!  The school have provided a small lock-up area with a fridge, storage space and work surfaces.  CCK donates cash for bread and non perishable fillings on a monthly basis, and according to our contact, this makes the “Sandwich Project” sustainable. 

Most recently of all, has been the emergence of the Parish “Love your Neighbour” outreach, and the Kenilworth CAN group which operates from a CCK venue.   Both these demonstrate the generosity and heart that the CCK congregation have for those in need.   

Giving food (or any assistance) outside of any form of relationship is “relief”, which on a long term basis, is detrimental rather than helpful.  The sandwiches we donate are given within an area of relationship, as are the food vouchers and parcels given by LYN and CAN.  Therefore this demonstration of kindness moves from “relief” to empowerment.

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