GEM (Global Evangelism Ministries)

February 2021 Prayer pointers from Ntate Joseph Mpakanyane

The mission was established in 1980 in Lesotho and is directed by Rev Joseph Mpakanyane, assisted by Pastor Thabiso Mohato. Ntate Joseph has had a longstanding relationship with CCK and we regard him as one of our missionaries.

In the mountain kingdom of Lesotho is an indigenous, interdenominational Christian mission (Global Evangelism Ministries – GEM for short) that is devoted to evangelism, discipleship and training of youth, prisoners and their families, victims of crime and people who live in the many remote areas where there are few churches.

EVANGELISM: GEM is invited by a wide spectrum of schools, churches, Christian organisations and government agencies to present the Good News of Jesus Christ by preaching, showing gospel films (particularly the well-used “Jesus” film in Sesotho) and providing literature in 14 booklets that provide new converts with a sound Biblical foundation.

DISCIPLESHIP AND TRAINING: GEM establishes fellowship groups in remote rural areas of Lesotho, many of which are in the mountains, inaccessible to vehicles. GEM trains their leaders through Theological Education by Extension (T.E.E), at Bible College standard.

GEM Link with CCK goes long way back as 3 decades. Ntate Joseph has made many visits to CCK over the years and has hosted many short-term mission trips from CCK to join him in his ministry in Lesotho.

First and foremost I would like to pass our heartfelt thanks as Mpakanyane family to the family of Christ Church Kenilworth for their unwavering prayer support at the tough times when my eldest son, Sello and I were caught in a gas fire in our house which caused us to be incapacitated for many months, since May this year. Sello recovered sooner than me but I was quarantined far longer than 14 days (not because of coronavirus but because of fire burns all over my body). Apparently the cause of the fire was a gas cylinder which seemed to have factory fault – it could not open and when it did it could not close properly, so the gas caught fire from the sitting room and we were in the bedroom. I would also wish to give thanks to God for my co-worker, Thabiso who held the fort of the work of GEM in my absence. He did a commendable job! Praise God! I am now up and running.

Joseph Mpakanyane, September 2020

T.E.E (Theological Education by Extension)

It goes without saying that the number one need for the Christian work in Lesotho is teaching, training and discipling. After much prayer and deliberation, national church leaders and missionaries from different denominations sought permission from EVANGEL PUBLSHING HOUSE to work on translation of the existing Theological Education by Extension books (T.E.E) into the Sesotho language. We decided that rather than re-inventing the wheel, we should use T.E.E. books for the Church in Lesotho. These books are written in a special way called PROGRAMMED INSTRUCTION. They teach like a teacher telling you things and asking questions, so they are special good for T.E.E. study.

The Lesotho Theological Education by Extension (L.T.E.E.) coordinating committee laboured hard since the mid-1980s on translation, editing, proofreading, and formatting in preparation for publishing of T.E.E. programme books.

We, T.E.E. coordinating Committee members, give our sincere thanks to Evangel Publishing House, Fred and Holland, for producing such practical and relevant study material and to all persons who made these books into being.

Ever since we kick started the T.E.E. programme about five years to date, by grace of God we have managed to establish 6 clusters of students comprising of lay ministers and just the lovers of the Word of God – Mokhotlong, Botha-Bothe, Leribe, Maseru and flying pastors of different denominations in the mountain regions of Lesotho, with encouraging results. Because of Covid-19 we have stopped film campaigns and prison ministry, but now that the government of Lesotho has loosened Covid-19 restrictions a bit, we were able to meet as LTEE Committee and agreed upon the following strategic upcoming events for LTEE programme:
26/09/2020 LTEE Seminar and writing exams by Maseru district students.
O3/10/2020 LTEE Seminar and writing exams by Leribe district students.

There is newly established TEE group in Maseru in conjunction with my friend and manager of the Lesotho Durham Link, Dr Rev Joseph Morenammele.

Prayer pointers from Ntate Joseph Mpakanyane February 2021


  • The so called “total lockdown” in Lesotho has brought such hunger for the Word of God to the people that it leaves one in awe.
  • After being asked to give 10 to 15 min devotion to the TEE groups through WhatsApp audio messages, Joseph is getting encouraging feedback and testimonies of many lives being touched for change. He gave some insights on the importance of prayer life and to his surprise he received thank you calls from one of the government Ministers and his cousin who has never put his foot at the door of the church since their wedding ceremony. Give glory to Jesus!!
  • Joseph’s church conducts three Sunday church services in accordance with approved national guidelines issued by the Prime Minister of Lesotho with 25% of the capacity of the church and he is responsible for the first morning service. In the service they recognize visitors by the minister giving them a personal talk on one on one basis – last Sunday he asked one man what made him come to the church service. The man said that early in the morning he felt such a compelling urge to drive to town and enter the first church which he would come across with, it happened to be Ntate Joseph’s church, and when the Word was being preached he felt the need of accepting Jesus as his personal Lord and Saviour. It was a real joy for Ntate Joseph to lead him to the prayer of confession. Praise the Lord!!!
  • It is now almost over a week since the government of Lesotho announced the change down from “red” to “orange” colour with Covid-19 restrictions. Travel from one district to another is now permitted. This is good news for the people living in the rural areas and for the MAF especially who are able to transport medication and supplies to those living in the remote and difficult areas which cannot be reached by ordinary mode of transport.


  • The LTEE committee is trying to work out how to hold upcoming seminars within the boundaries of Covid-19 regulations. Meetings are only allowed for a maximum of 2 hours but the seminars are 8 hours long (includes meals, teas, exams, breaks, etc).  Pray for a suitable and safe solution as seminars are booked for Flying Pastors combined with Maseru group on 27th February, Anglican Church Lesotho group at Durham Link premises on 6th March and Hlotse TEE group on 13th March. Please pray that they may secure the permit for these Seminars.
  • Masello’s ongoing health problems.
  • Family issues which include unemployment for some.
  • Pray for ongoing encouragement for Ntate Joseph and a sense that ‘The will of God will not take us where the grace of God cannot sustain us’ (quote from Billy Graham).

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