The Children’s Library

The Childrens Library was started by Seung Jung, a member of CCK 8am congregation and choir.

The primary purpose of The Children’s Library at the Jim se Bos informal settlement in Philippi is to provide pre-school education to 3-7 year olds and after school educational support to primary school learners. We teach about 50 children each day and also run a daily feeding scheme.

This is a truly remarkable mission that has dealt with adversity and challenge and showed the resilience to carry on.

The fire last year that destroyed most of the school structures was a great blow to us. But we have come to realise that God gave us this challenge to more deeply understand our mission at Jim se Bos and to grasp the opportunity to erect buildings of much better quality that are suited to our purposes.

Our focus is the education and care of the children, but we want to reach out more to the community both spiritually and pastorally.

Over the last 6 months we have finalised building plans, done significant work in preparing the site and received building quotations from a reputable, local building company. The plans are designed to be implemented in phases and this will be dependent on the raising of the required funds.

We have decided to proceed with Phase 1 of the project which is the multi-purpose Main Hall plus a single toilet and wash basin. This building will primarily be used daily for the education and care of the children, but it will also be used for worship and some community meetings.

Our hope and intention is to have the building ready for use by the beginning of the school year in January 2021.

Please support this most important project!

You are encouraged to watch the video clip below, which gives a fascinating account of the work of Seung and Joy Jung, the devastating effect of a fire in September 2019 and the amazing work done during the Covid-19 lockdown.

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