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In February 2021 we officially launched our new resource for equipping church members for ‘Way of Life Witness’. Its a free workshop you can use in your context. We wanted to equip the ‘church gathered’ to help mission when its the ‘church scattered’ (during the week in the workplace).

We have entitled this ‘Working Out’ since we are reaching out into the working space. And there is a bit of working out to be done in figuring out how we share the gospel where God has placed us. Its takes intention.

Here is the workshop YouTube link: https://youtu.be/UaCy63Bx4_w that can be streamed on an online event with chance for breakout group discussion, or even better it can be done as a church small group material engaging members around 12 outreach idea topics. Feel free to download the video as well.

We would love to support you to journey towards equipping the whole church to bring the whole gospel to the whole of your city. Please be in touch with us about how we may assist you in growing your church in effectiveness in this area. There are great ideas and resources we have gathered along the way to help you in this journey. Let’s make multiplying marketplace disciples!

We work with leaders in the workplace, influencing the influencers

We are about Leaders living lives of impact

As part of Campus Crusade for Christ we have the vision to WIN, BUILD, SEND
Here’s what it looks like in LI…

WIN: Aiding growth, personally, professionally and spiritually

We talk about the salt and pepper in our work. The pepper is the personal and professional development, the salt is the spiritual.

Our forums (sometimes called Thank God It’s Monday) and small groups include both salt and pepper and are for Christians and non-Christians but led by Christians. These provide easy access to spiritual development for those of faith and none. Leader Impact small groups
are the life blood of our movements providing communities of life change, personal impact and meaningful engagement (often online).

Resources we use: Global Leadership Summit media clips, Christian and secular leadership books, and our own studies like Foundations and Soul Cravings studies.

Our Leader Impact Forums are going online monthly. Contact us to join the events.

BUILD: Deeply embedding the Gospel in leaders’ lives

We may meet one on one or in small groups to grow in our faith using Christian discipleship books or studies including ‘Your Journey of Faith’. These small groups may still involve non-Christians who are more spiritually open to studying the Bible.

SEND: Helping leaders become marketplace leaders

This is where we as staff place most of our attention, resourcing and equipping the leaders in the workplace to win, build and send themselves. We do this through the church gathered (in the church setting) and the church scattered (with Christians in their work-space)

Other Initiatives and Resources

Group Leader Training
Equipping marketplace leaders lead their own LI groups.

Working Out
A workshop equipping church members to become marketplace multipliers.

Exercising Faith @ Work
A series of workshops like ‘Working Out’ but done on the ground, in the work environment.

Bursting Your Bubble
A 7-part DVD training on evangelism, which we have led in churches and in businesses. Now free online: courses.knowinggod.co.za/Bursting-Your-Bubble

The Biscuit Trail
A 12-card exercise encouraging way-of-life witness in the workplace.

Take The Biscuit Challenge
A 30 day challenge putting the principles of The Biscuit Trail into action, helping colleagues take steps on a journey towards Jesus. Also online at:

Our website has other great resources:


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