Moms’ Connect

Moms’ Connect Outreach Ministry

Moms’ Connect was born in 2009, straight from God’s heart of love for little ones, as a need arose for new moms to find support & friendship in their new parenting role.

October is the month we celebrate with deep thankfulness to God for His faithfulness to us. We continue to welcome more & more Moms & their little ones from the community around us.
Thursday mornings in the CCK garden (pre Covid-19 lockdown March 2020) & adjacent Café Connect was where we gathered. Our 2 hours together consist of informal interactions, chill & chat time, coffee & refreshments. Our varied programme includes music mornings & topics of interest. Once a term, we have a ‘Singalong’ worship & devotional time. The general comments from Moms is that their biggest need is to arrive each week & find friends to share the experience of motherhood in a supportive environment. For the past couple of months, as we emerged from lockdown, we have met in an open-air environment for socially-distant picnics. It has been wonderful to reconnect in this way. We are grateful for all those who pray for this ministry, for our volunteers & all the help we receive from CCK.
The way this ministry keeps growing is through Moms who reach out and invite others who need to come.


Jill Mathew & Moms’ Connect team

Photos include: Our 10 year birthday celebration in October 2019. Various groups of Moms & babes over last few weeks.

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