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We envision the church actively living out the peace and justice of God for the world supporting local congregations by enabling dialogue, facilitating collaboration and inspiring  hope-filled imagination towards justice-seeking action.

What have we been up to?

2020 started like any other year with plans to support churches in Cape Town and beyond according to our vision and mission. As we continued with our day to day work with churches we also hosted a few events:

Feb: Together with the St Johns Leadership Academy and other partners we enjoyed a week of training in the Contextual Bible Study Method with Sthembiso Zwane of the Ujamaa centre UKZN (our October newsletter is all about this exciting way of reading the Bible together and the opportunity to sign up for upcoming online course)

March: we welcomed the full U Turn staff for a workshop titled “following mercy into justice” where we explored the way the Bible holds mercy, development and justice together as integral parts of the Good News. It was a very meaningful workshop and turned out to our last ever gathering at 12 Plantation Rd, Wetton!

COVID: After the start of lockdown we had to quickly adjust to new ways of working which included basing our teams in home and field offices so that we could effectively mobilise, equip, and support the Church across South Africa in responding effectively to the COVID crisis.  This also meant that we said goodbye to our faithful home of 15 years: read all about this and watch our Zoom goodbye party here:

Some important outcomes of our work with churches has been:

  • Developing several resources for use by churches as they respond effectively to the challenges during this period.  You can access all these resources:
  • Initiating a digital food voucher campaign ‘HOPE’ project that addresses food insecurity. To date this initiative has distributed over R13 million to 25,000 people across South Africa in collaboration with local church congregations.  (this includes the St John’s Parish – Love Thy Neighbour’ campaign)
    • R1,9 million distributed to 6,238 people across the Western Cape.
    • Development of the digital voucher campaign project that aims to provide the capacity to distribute food vouchers to verified beneficiaries in ways that enhance their dignity and agency.  This project has been launched as a new non-profit company called The Mthunzi Network
    • Proven the concept for effectively distributing digital aid as a preferred alternative to in-kind aid in the South African context.  
  • Supporting and training churches in the establishment of microsite shelters for people without homes and care centres for the vulnerable in their communities. 
  • Establishing a food justice hub within The Warehouse that will support churches in growing the effectiveness of food security initiatives going forward. 
  • Helping the SACC establish Local Ecumenical Action networks 9LEANS) and nurturing the Cape Town based LEANS

Our work continues as we walk with churches as they adapt to the crises and opportunities of 2020 as well as the injustices in our city that existed long before the pandemic. Please pray for us, that we will stay deeply connected as team while we do not yet have a new home base, that we will be faithful to God in our calling and that we will always be formed and informed by the voice of God who hears the cry of suffering people and responds with compassion, mercy, justice and hope using His people to be His hands and feet.

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