U-turn – Church House

Christ Church Kenilworth agreed to lease 16 Summerly Road to U-turn in order to set up accommodation for individuals on U-turn’s work-based skills training programme.

U-turn and the champions at Church House send warm thanks to CCK family for their home!

Church House has quickly become a home to 11 champions on U-turn’s final phase. As you walk through the main door, the house is always spotless and always filled with the sounds of laughter and joy. It is a welcoming space. 

The men are responsible for the cooking, cleaning and gardening – supervised by House Parents, Brandon and Candice. As Brandon likes to say, they’re learning not just independence but also are learning to be good fathers and leaders. 

From Tuesday to Thursdays there are evening activities when the men return from work with Bible study, Prayer meetings and more. Saturday afternoons offers Open Creative Workshops.

Church House is actively looking for members of the community to get involved in the Saturday Open Creative Workshops, sharing skills with the champions (if you’d like to hold workshops on your hobby or skill, please get in touch with brandon@homeless.org.za). 
They are also looking for volunteers to supervise cooking sessions in the evenings from Monday to Thursday, 5.30 to 7pm, and you’re welcome to join the Champions for dinner!
Once planning permission is passed by City of Cape Town, U-turn will start renovations to add bathrooms to allow for the house to accommodate up to 25 residents including a women’s wing.
Called to serve God’s purpose with joy, watch here as Brandon and Candice share their inspiration and heart for ministry.

 P.S. Watch out for the Christmas Market that will be held at Church House towards the end of the year.

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