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Maggie, Di and Ntombi

Word on the Street is an outreach to women (and men) involved in prostitution on Wynberg and Kenilworth Main Road

New items for prayer, February 2021

For several years members of a number of local churches have been sharing the gospel with women involved in prostitution in the Claremont/Wynberg area under the “Word on the Street” or WOTS ministry. The Covid lockdown has been a huge challenge for vulnerable people, and has also caused us to evaluate the WOTS ministry, with a restatement of our vision and values. We have a newly expanded leadership team who are eager to partner with Jesus in His ministry amongst the most vulnerable.

OUR VISION: A hope-filled journey from prostitution to new life in Christ

OUR VALUES: The love of Christ compels us to:

  • Pray and depend on the Holy Spirit: keeping prayer central, trusting the Spirit’s empowering to break the strongholds of addiction, leading to healing and restoration.
  • Speak God’s truth & listen: knowing that the Word of God is living and active, guiding us in real and relevant ways, we commit to listening to God and to each woman, speaking truth into their lives.
  • Offer God’s love, belonging & family: by showing love, we invite the women into God’s family, encouraging the local church to be welcoming so that each one can find their place in the body.
  • Commit to the messy journey: we recognise that leaving a life of prostitution and moving into the light is a complex journey. We are committed to that journey for the long haul.
  • Empower each woman to make hope-filled choices: we seek to speak hope, share opportunities and encourage each woman to take responsibility in choosing their next step.
  • Recognise that salvation comes from Christ and not us: this is Christ’s ministry and so we actively encourage each woman to put their faith and trust in Him.
  • Partner with the local church and key organizations, as we journey together: as members of local churches, we commit to working together in God’s Kingdom.

OUR MINISTRY provides many opportunities for involvement in any of three areas:

Prayer, led by Ntombi, who will ensure we keep prayer central. There is an active Whatsapp prayer group through which you can receive information, join zoom prayer meetings, and pray during Team outeaches or dinners etc. Contact Ntombi to be added to the group.

Outreach, led by Emma and Darryl. This is our first point of contact with people. Every Thursday evening, small teams of men and women walk the Main road, meeting and building relationships with women, sharing God’s love and praying with them. These people are invited to the monthly outreach dinners which provide a warm and safe place to get to know people better. We encourage housechurches to help with meals and assist with hosting dinners. Contact Emma or Darryl.

Follow up led by Di and Maggie. Once a woman indicates she wants to exit prostitution we journey with her, which involves finding a safe shelter, rehabilitation from substance abuse, attending a local church, being discipled, and preparing for work. There are many opportunities for involvement including assisting with: health issues, counselling, discipling, providing lifts, preparing CVs, sharing all sorts of skills, tutoring, job seeking and mentoring. Contact Di or Maggie.

GIVE THANKS FOR  God’s comfort through these difficult times, renewed vision, new leadership team members, all those who pray and volunteer in many different ways, and financial donations.


  • Emma and Maggie carrying heavy family responsibilities
  • Outdoor dinners on the 1st Thursday of each month (lockdown permitting)
  • The need to expand both the outreach and follow up teams
  • Women doing well on their discipleship journeys, ready for permanent employment and affordable accommodation
  • Women and men tentatively taking steps towards new life in Christ, and a host of women wanting to do so but stuck.
  • The increasing problem of homelessness, unemployment and hunger and the temptation to resort to crime, addiction and resulting physical and mental illness.

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